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Rubicon Sigma

Wetlands VR

This VR experience presents a cast of colorful birds built from the ground up with care and precision based on solid toon-like narrative. Each one of them went through a strict process of drafting, Concept Art, 3D modeling, Sculpting, Painting, VR optimization and animation before being brought to life in a carefully planned experience using Unreal Engine.

Games and complex Systems. Hardcore Gaming to Advergaming. The simplicity of 2D and the immersion of VR. Gaming knowledge is being applied to an ever increasing list of fields. Let's take the challenge!

The right Skill Tree

A Call Beyond

A careful blend of 2D Art and 3D environments pits our hero, Vincent, against the unknown in this Lovecraft-inspired horror adventure game with a branching narrative, an unintrusive interface and a playstyle that rewards memory and deduction over point-and-click traditional gameplay. Currently in development.

Our classes

The Warrior

The frontline of a project
  • Videogame Development
  • PC, Mobile, Console and Web
  • From conception to delivery by Game Development professionals!
  • Agile & creative process
  • Original or existing IPs
"Ready for duty. Let's make a game!"

The Wizard

The frontline of a project
  • Third-Party Development
  • PC, Mobile, Console and Web
  • Your idea brought to life with Talent that hits the ground running
"Magic is not glitter, it is knowledge shining bright."

The Rogue

The frontline of a project
  • Consultancy and specialized Development
  • Multiple array of Skills
  • Management, Development & Art
  • Mentoring and training
  • Teamwork makes the Dream work!
"In need of some... particular skills?"

The Bard

The frontline of a project
  • Your vision, realized!
  • Gamification
  • Advergaming
  • AR & VR
  • Engaging interactive experiences
"This will be your story, my friend. Let's make a hero out of you!"

Jellyfish Buffet

Did you know? Turtles mistake plastic bags as jellyfish and eat them. That's not very nice. In this game, we'll help Poppy eat some tasty jellyfishes while avoiding different kinds of bags. If she's healthy enough at the end, you win! But most importantly, children will learn the importance of caring about the environment. This 2D Unreal Engine giant screen touch-based multimedia experience is being showcased alongside Wetlands VR in LATU's Science Fair.

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