Game (Design + Development) = ♥

Hello there! Fritz here!

Game Design and Ideation? Implementation and balance? A trusty contractor? I've got you covered

Adventure awaits! The best party members to ensure Victory

The Coding Knight

Tier: Warrior
  • Game Development
  • PC, Console, and mobile
  • Systems, Features and AI
  • New or existing projects!
"Warriors thrive in new challenges, that's probably why they're so relentless."

Gaming Polymath!

Tier: Wizard
  • Game Design
  • Ideation and Brainstorming
  • Market and Game Genre Analysis
  • The whole Iceberg! Executive, Creative, and Technical level.
"Great spells take time to cast..."

Flexible Skills

Tier: Rogue
  • Specialized Consultant
  • Gamification in practice
  • Decision-making support
  • Training and communication
"In need of some... unorthodox approach? Heh, I might have just the thing!"

Are you ready to cross the Rubicon?